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To become a volunteer is very simple. Just fill in the application form below, provide us with two references and you are all good to go.


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Volunteer Agreement

Please select above to say that you have understood and are in agreement
with what can be expected of us and what we expect from you.
We, The Salvation Army, will do our best to:

Provide basic training and induction
Provide clear role descriptions and training for any specific volunteer role you undertake
Ensure that the personal information you give us is treated with care and discretion
Offer flexibility and the chance for personal development within your role wherever possible
Offer the right to change your mind regarding a voluntary activity without feeling guilty
Adhere to The Salvation Army policies and procedures on volunteering
Ensure that you know how to keep yourselves and those we work with in a safe environment
Treat you fairly and with respect and consideration at all times
Try to resolve in a fair and just manner any problems, complaints or difficulties that you may
encounter whilst volunteering with us
I agree to do my best to:
Perform my role to the best of my ability
Be present at the dates and times that I have agreed, and let my agreed contact know as soon
as possible if I am unable to come
Operate within The Salvation Army guidelines, procedures and standards
Make sure my behaviour, attitude and language do not go against the aims and interests of The
Salvation Army’s vision or purpose
Report any behaviour or allegations made to me by children or vulnerable adults or any
concern about the behaviour of others
Let you know if my circumstances change e.g. contact details, health conditions
Note: this agreement is binding in honour only and is not intended to be a legally binding contract
between us and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither of us intends
any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future.